Backup software next to OH3 on the same Pi4

Hi Community,

I’m not even sure if this categorie is the right one for my question but I try and in case it was a bad idea, I apologize already upfront.

I do have a Pi 4 running OH3 on it only (as of now). Now, I like to add some more “software/programs/functions” to my Pi 4 as it’s not too bussy with OH3. I like to add/install a backup software called Syncthing running next to OH3, adding a SSD disc to the Pi4.

I found an article “Synchronizing Files on your Raspberry Pi with Syncthing” explaining how to install but can I run OH3 + Syncthing at the same time next to each other on one single Pi 4?
I’m asking because I don’t want to lose OH3 as I realy like it. I just want to add this backup software to it

Can I do that or do I destroy/kill OH3 if I install Syncthing next to OH3 on the same Pi 4?

Thanks in advanced

It’ll probably work, but it’s generally not recommended. Since no one has tested it, if something goes wrong with either system then no one will be able to help you fix it.

I would instead suggest using one of the two backup features built into openHABian, SD mirroring and/or Amanda.


well, I was not after a backup for OH3. That, I do the following. I do have 2 idential SD cards. I shut down the Pi4, take the SD card out, do a real 1-to-1 copy (via Laptop) and once that is done, I swith the SD card to ensure backup was successful and start my Pi4 with OH3 again. That works perfect.

My question is for a backup of my Laptop and Android phone. I like to add a SSD disc to one of my USB3 ports, install Syncthing on my Pi 4 next to OH3.
The idea, I see another network drive in my local network where I can backup my Windwos and Android phone.

That all on the same PI4. Doable? I attached a pic showing my idea

All being said here.
It’ll likely work but it isn’t recommended to run anything but OH on your home automation server because any other software can conflict with OH on resources and you will be on your own to fix it.
Just like noone will be able to answer your question because (probably) noone ever used Syncthing (whatever it is) together with OH. It may work fine, it may kill your OH instance. Noone knows.
Anything that copies a lot of data often uses a lot of resources. I wouldn’t want to have that on my OH.

Improve your backup methodology. Using what Russ proposed, it’ll work fully automatic without a need to ever take OH down.
By the way you can also configure Amanda to backup other systems, all UN*X and even Windows machines so maybe it already does what you want to use Syncthing for.

Thanks a lot.

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