Backup Z-way

Rasberry Pi3 running latest snapshot with a Razberry HAT

Before I make a mess of my system I would just like to clarify the order to do things in to backup my Razberry controller

  1. Shutdown Openhab
  2. Install Z-Way software
  3. Log in to the browser interface
  4. Backup the Razberry
  5. Shutdown Z-way
  6. Restart OpenHab

Additionally what do I need to do in order to ensure that on a reboot of the Raspberry Pi it is just the OpenHab software that starts and not the z-way software as I understand that will create a conflict with the serial port. Am I better off keeping the z-way software running and connecting to that via the Z-way binding instead so that I always have access to the z_way browser page ?

It all depends on how the Z-Way software installs itself. If it sets up an auto-start script you can disable that. Once you shutdown the Z-way software using sudo systemctl stop zway (I’m guessing at the name of the server, could be zwayd, could be something completely different). Then you can disable it using sudo systemctl disable zway. That would prevent it from starting at boot.

You can use the Zway binding but the last I say on this forum, it’s really slow compared to the Zwave binding.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll give it a go soon and see what happens. If it works out OK I’ll try and share the steps I take here for others to use

Essentially right, just make sure Z-Way does not ever start on boot (see /etc/init.d/z-way-server it links to)

Nope, that’s way less stable than to use the ZWave binding.