Backup Zigbee Configuration

Hey Together,
I was not able to find something detailed in the community so I hope I did not overread something.
I am running Openhabian 2.5.5 with a cc2531 stick and the zigbee binding on a RPI3. By now I am expanding my Zigbee Network and I am wondering how to backup the whole Thing in case of an Hardware defect. I have a Backup SD Card (actual clone of the Productive OH System) and a scond RPI for testing purposes as well as a second cc2531. But I have seen some Topics where is mentioned, that the CC2531 could not be exchanged without reincluding all devices which means to link all channels, etc. Is there any way to Backup and Restore the zigbee config when exchanging the cc2531?
thanks in andvance

Unfortunately it is not possible to back up the CC2531 - the only stick currently supporting backups is the Ember chipsets.

The 2531 simply doesn’t provide the information that is required to backup and restore a failed coordinator. If it fails, you will need to re-join all devices.

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Hi Chris,
thanks for your immediate answer.
Just one more Question. Is it possible to Flash another FW on the CC2531 without rejoining and reconfiguring the devices?
Greetings Andy

Sorry - I’m not 100% sure. I would like to say yes, but I’m not overly familiar with the CC2531 and haven’t updated the firmware on one for a long time - I would expect though that it is possible.

thanks, when i have time to try i´ll share it here.

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But if the CC2351 doesn’t fail and fail the sdcard. and i have to reinstall everithing.
Is possible to restore without repairing (procedure for ikea tradfri is complicated)
is enough to backup “/var/lib/jsondb” folder?
Any other suggestion?

And how would that work ? I have an Elelabs and the new Itead on order.