Base bridge binding for websocket and rest calls

Hi folks,

I am creating a new binding for nodejs-poolController project, this is a really good controller for pentair pools. (Sorry OH2 Pentair binding isnt even close.) I was wondering if there was a base bridge available the provides a durable connection to websocket and rest remote services? Sure, I can roll my own but having looked at some of the existing binging source I can see things like IP and serial bridge and I like how these bindings are using layered code services.

If there isnt something like this, then what java websockets and rest library should I use that is already used in OH2? I’ve found async-http-client in the tellstick project that seems good.

I really like how the Linux driver development does things. It’s usually easy to write Linux drivers because there is already an existing abstract driver and you just need to fill in the specific hardware functions.


It could just be me, but you would probably get more help if your second sentence of your request for help didn’t shit on the contributions of some of the members of this community. Just saying…

My apologies. It wasnt my intention to shit on that binding. It just didnt work on my pentair system. I’m not sure why but likely subtle controller differences. I attempted to fix/extend but then found the nodejs-poolController project is farther ahead in features and support of pools in general so it seems like a better choice to leave hardware interfacing to that team and just bind. The code for pentair is well written if it means anything; enough I am basing my code on the pentair code as a template.