Bash Wemo Control

It can sometimes be useful fro troubleshooting or scenes to be able to control Belkin wemo devices by the linux shell.

On your Linux box assuming it runs a debian derivative such as openhabian, run the following commands in order.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python-setuptools python-dev
sudo easy_install ouimeaux

Followed by ‘wemo list’ to discovery the bridge and inform you of the devices it can see.

A short but hopefully useful post.



Why would one need this. For debugging, set the WeMo binding to log level debug or trace and the post your issue together with the according log.

Do not try and connect this post with any others I have previously made about Wemo as such they are different, and I see this as another tool in my toolbox when dealing with Wemo devices. You are absolutely correct that the debug mode on the Wemo Binding is another tool as well.

Why do I need yet another tool? For the same reason I still need to use the Belkin Wemo app. They are all needed when debugging as they help understand what is going wrong. If one tool was 100% reliable then the need world go away unfortunately that is not my experience.

Take for example a situation where a rule is supposed to set a few bulbs to 40%.
Instead we find on different occasions we sometimes get 40,no change,40
I could use this tool to fire commands at will to see if the bulbs are the issue, the wiring noise, or the wemo binding. I have found that I can use three different apps (wemo app, wemo binding and the wemo control) and get three different results.

So I find it useful, and do not mean to offend you or anyone else for that matter. I will certainly look at getting the post removed if it is not helping but instead causing unforeseen issues.


Hi Paul, I was not offended at all, just wanted to know why you need oumeaux. Before I wrote the WeMo binding, I used it as well.
It’s just helping to get the WeMo binding better, we should not rely on other tools, but solve issues with the loggs the binding provides. If those are not enough, I will implement even more logging into the binding. That’s what I normaly do, especially when implementing new devices.
There is no need to getting this post removed.

Best Hans-Jörg

Thank you for the clarity.

As you may have guessed I suffer from an unreliable Wemo network at times, and I cannot seem to work out exactly what is causing it. I am suspicious that it is the actual wemo devices, but I have yet to find any evidence either way.

I will be using the debugging on your binding as that is my long term strategy for managing these devices and totally understand that improvement occurs through use.