Basic structure and simple rule

Hi all,

I am trying to find the best way to build my openhab config, but i struggle with some of it.
Since i have a big project with 2 houses in on app with around 5 rooms in each floor (4 floors) my sitemap is then build up with alof of text items. One reason i choose this is because i want to show temp before i go into the room. So i can click on floor 1 and then i will see all temps compared without going into the room. I also need to use this on energy so i can see all my energy consumption (15 meeters) on one page else it does not make sense for me.

My problem then is when i want all lights to go off on one room i can not take advantage of the group as i dont have any groupe because of text item with frame instead.

So i tried to make a basic rule instead without it working.

My question is, am i going the wrong way about this?
Sitemap looks like this:

Frame label=“Huset” {
Text item=gGF label=“Huset 2.etg” icon=“firstfloor” {
Frame {
Text item=Stue_temp label=“Stue [%.1f °C]” icon=“sofa” {
Switch item=Lights
Switch item=Juletre
Switch item=StueFire label="Lampe1"
Switch item=StueFem label="Lampe2"
Slider item=StueEn_dim label=“Spott 1 [%.1f %%]” icon="slider"
Slider item=StueTo_dim label=“Spott 2[%.1f %%]” icon="slider"
Slider item=StueTre_dim label=“Spott 3 [%.1f %%]” icon=“slider”

I also stuggle with my simple rule, can somebody please point out what im doing wrong here.
I want a master switch that turns of the lights, “StueFire” and “StueFem” is not in sitemap because of dimming.

rule "Turn off"
Item Overstyr changed
if (Overstyr == OFF)
sendCommand(Juletre, OFF)
sendCommand(StueEn, OFF)
sendCommand(StueTo, OFF)
sendCommand(StueTre, OFF)
sendCommand(StueFire, OFF)
sendCommand(StueFem, OFF)

	if (Overstyr == ON)
	sendCommand(Juletre, ON)
	sendCommand(StueEn, ON)
	sendCommand(StueTo, ON)
	sendCommand(StueTre, ON)
	sendCommand(StueFire, ON)
	sendCommand(StueFem, ON)