Basic UI config help

Appreciate your help in advance.

I’m following the tutorial and am trying to configure the Basic UI. It didn’t work so I’m working with just one device. Here are the contents of my default.items and default.sitemap.

Switch Presence_Mobile_Phil “Johns Mobile” { channel=“network:device:192_168_1_14:online” }

sitemap default label= ”My first sitemap”

Switch item=Presence_Mobile_Phil label=“Phil’s iPhone”


When I load the basic UI I get the “home” icon and the word “default” but doesn’t show the correct label or a switch

any advice?


in paper-UI
What have you selected if you go to Configuration > Services -> UI > Basic UI and then Configure and then “Default Sitemap” ?

Make sure its the same name as you items file , for you its default.items

sitemap default label= ”My first sitemap”

try using something else as display name for you sitemap

ie. sitemap Home label= ”My first sitemap”
ie. sitemap ABCD label= ”My first sitemap”

And i fout out that (for me) the best way to edit your files is by using “Eclipse SmartHome Disgner

Thanks for you help. Worked! Not sure what specific change worked but that did it. Eclipse SmartHome Designer makes it easier