Basic UI conflict with slider and switch controls for the same item

When I try to set different control types for the same item, Basic UI acts very strangely. This is highlighted when using the Hue binding to toggle a light on and off, which the documentation states that the colour/brightness channel can accept either a colour/number value respectively OR an “ON/OFF” command.

As an example for a dimmer bulb I have the following sitemap configuration:

Frame label="Kitchen Light" {
	Switch    item=Kitchen_Light_Brightness label="Switch" icon="switch"
	Slider    item=Kitchen_Light_Brightness

In the classic UI, if I press the switch ON, then the light turns on and brightness state is set to it’s last configuration as you’d expect.

On the Basic UI, pressing the switch on turns on the light and updates the brightness state but almost instantly turns the switch back OFF (the light itself still remains on), this stays OFF until I refresh the page, where it shows the expected values. If I were to press the OFF switch twice the switch stays ON position but this also sends another ON command to openhab.

Have I misunderstood how to configure items with multiple types of inputs? Should I really be making two individual items and then linking them through same channel to the same thing? If so, why doesn’t PaperUI allow me to link more than one item to the same thing channel?

There are a number of known issues with the UIs showing updated values correctly.

Watch the logs to make sure that the Items themselves are not really doing this jumping around. If not, this is almost certainly caused by one of those known issues.

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Fair enough, there isn’t anything out of the ordinary in the logs, do you have any links to the issues on github? I was a little unsure if this was an ESH or an addons problem.

I’m pretty sure it is an ESH issue. I don’t have them handy though.

I guess you referred to this one.

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Whilst not the same issue, the PR Linked in that thread sounds like it’ll touch the one that I’m having, thank you! It’s not a major concern since I try as much on the automation side as possible, but thought i’d better check if I was doing something wrong.

Regarding my comment about PaperUI and not being able to link more than one item to a channel, looks like someone has taken care of that already.