Basic UI: Icons not visible

This is the sitemap:

sitemap power label="Power" {
    Frame {
        Text item= nConsumption  icon="stateUnknown"    visibility=[nConsumptionIcon==NULL]
        Text item= nConsumption  icon="stateRed"        visibility=[nConsumptionIcon==0]
        Text item= nConsumption  icon="stateGreen"      visibility=[nConsumptionIcon>0]

The icon is supposed to change when the item nConsumpionIcon changes its value which happens in a rule.

This works well with the Classic UI. But using the Basic UI the icons are not displayed.
Reading through the Documentation Basic UI I didn’t find any limitation.

There’s some information in the Community but according to a reply the issue has been fixed.
I’m currently using snapshots #684 and #856.

Is there a way to get my setup to work with the Basic UI?