Basic UI, visibility in sitemap partly not working

Hi all,
i have installed OH 2.3.0 Build 1272, from scratch on RP 3 (Rasbian strech, oracle java 1.8.0_65).
Then i have restore a older backup that works in the past fine.

In BasicUI the sitemap property visibility partly not working.


            Frame {
        		Slider item=Licht_KZ
				Switch item=hue_1
                Slider item=hue_1_Dimmer visibility=[hue_1==ON]
                Colorpicker item=hue_1_Color visibility=[hue_1==ON]
			Frame {
				Switch item=KZ1Hide
				Text label=" " icon="none" visibility=[KZ1Hide==ON]
				Setpoint item=TempControl_KZ1_soll label="Solltemperatur [%.1f °C]" visibility=[KZ1Hide==ON] minValue=18 maxValue=25 step=0.5
				Switch item=TempControl_KZ1_ label="heat control" mappings=[100="Auto",101="ON",102="OFF",103="-2°"] visibility=[KZ1Hide==ON]

Item definition

Switch      KZ1Hide             "more"          <returnpipe>    {expire="2m,command=OFF"}
Switch	    hue_1			    "hue 1"				            {channel="hue:0200:1:1:color" }

In the first Frame with item hue_1 the slider and colorpicker are visible then hue_1 is ON. But it takes same seconds.

In the second frame with switch item KZ1Hide the following text, setpoint and switch items are only visible then browser tab manuell refreshed.

The same configuartion in the classic UI works well.

Thanks for help.

How do you update your item KZ1Hide ?
Could it be a problem relative to “expire” feature ? If you suppress the expire feature, does it work ?

Hi Lolodomo,
KZ1Hide is only changed/ updated in the sitemap as switch.
Unfortunaly the expire feature is not the reason. I had already deleted the expire statemant. That didn’t change anything.

But, the same sitemap works very well in the classic UI.

There are been a few post on the same vein lately
Please file an issue on Github

okay done.

I hope it’s correct:

Sorry, it is my fault if it is no more working in the recent snapshots. I just proposed a fix.