BasicUI abandoned?

Has Classic UI been abandoned? I just moved my stuff from OpenHAB2 to OpenHAB3 and it seems the only development related to it has been the addition of a dark theme. It’s still buggy, there are no new widgets, its functionality otherwise has not been expanded at all – all of which lead me to ask the question of whether it has been abandoned or not.

ClassicUI never was part of openHAB 3, only BasicUI, HABpanel, CometVisu and the new MainUI.

BasicUI is not abandoned, there are just no new features added.

Ah, my bad. I meant BasicUI, not ClassicUI.

Yes, but if there are no plans to improve it anymore, then that does translate to “yes, it is abandoned” in practice. :frowning_face:

We have not seen any feature requests afaik. What are you missing ?

Well, maybe it’s just me who prefers the old BasicUI. I find the others unuseable and the new MainUI is absolutely atrocious, but then, I guess I am the outlier.

There have been a whole over the years and I have other things on my mind at the moment, so I don’t remember it all off the top of my head at the moment, but e.g. being able to insert a group into sitemap without it becoming a submenu and it actually rendering all the items in that group as the type of items that they are, instead of just rendering them all as Text-items.

Would be best if you open new topics with the feature requests for BasicUI for opening the discussion.

Not fully sure what you are asking for. Clearly it’s just an ease-of-use thing (small t), so perhaps that is aimed at GUI sitemap editor.
You can place any Items you like in a sitemap by hand editing and adding individual widgets.

You may be blurring the distinction between Items and Widgets. There is for example no Rollershutter widget, users might choose to represent that Item with Switch button widget or with Slider or Setpoint etc.
Most Items have a default widget type assigned, e.g. for a Switch type Item use a default Switch type widget obviously.
These defaults are what gets used if you put a Group type widget in your sitemap, leaving the UI to “guess” what widget to use for members.
If you don’t like that, you can spell it out instead.

Group item= myGroup (
   Switch item=someMember
   Slider item=otherMember

The point of this thread was to ask, if BasicUI is abandoned or not. I’m not asking for anything here or planning to have a long conversation about any specifics, since that’d belong in a separate thread.

Then the answer is that it is not abandoned, but no one is requesting/adding features to it. There have been fixes to existing functionality that broke when OH3 launched, but I’m not aware of BasicUI gaining new features since I started using OH in February 2019.

That seems harsh. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that you haven’t invested the time to understand MainUI (neither have I), and aren’t interested in doing so at this time (neither am I). MainUI appears to work very well for both new and long-time users, and offers much more customization.

I just don’t think it’s necessary to be so insulting toward the work put in by our volunteer developers. You can just say that it doesn’t work for you and leave it at that.


BasicUI is not abandoned but will probably no more evolved so much. Same for sitemap concept. It is very stable but iin case of bugs, I will try to fix them.

The main UI is now MainUI and it was decided that it is the future for OH when OH3 was developed. .


I think for most of us it would be fine if no further development of BasicUI or Sitemaps took place. It is stable as u have said. However it would be a shame if they were not implemented in future releases. They provide a nice lightweight interface for mobile devices. The MainUi, while nice, carry’s a lot of overhead and can be less responsive than one might like.

There are no plans to remove it from future releases.

Just theoretically, if one were to submit a pull-request for some new feature for BasicUI, would it, at this point, just be rejected or left languishing or would it be considered for merging?

Any PR will be reviewed and if passing the process (code quality, not violating the overall concept, etc.), it will get merged. It just takes some time for the review, as our maintainers are all doing this in their spare time.

Comment ; a caution that anything involving marvellous new functionality for sitemap syntax would involve multiple GUI and their authors, as well as OH core.

I renamed the title of the topic.

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