BasicUI and ClassicUI show suddenly things?


Just tried to open my OH2 in a normal webbrowser with BasicUI. And on the first page, it’s showing suddenly all (only) my items. No longer the sitemap.

The android app is working as expected.

Before, this was working correct. Not sure if the new folder structure has something to do with it? I’m always updating with apt-get update/upgrade…

If you recently did an upgrade, did you remember to go back into the BasicUI and ClassicUI settings and change the default sitemap?

By default is uses a sitemaps named _default which just lists all your Items. If you change the name of your sitemap file to _default.sitemap or update that setting for the UIs it will point at your sitemap by default.

Of course, you could also use the path:


Where sitemap is the name of your .sitemap file.

Indeed, I just needed to update in paperUI the default sitemap back to default (instead of _default).

Thanks to show me the way!!!
If everything was this simple… :wink: