BasicUI frustrating me

Hi all.

I am new to Openhab2 and i cant get Basic UI working.

Some tutorials say i have to create a “conf” - folder in the openhab2 folder. Others say put it in openhab2.

To make sure its not the content in the default items files i just put some random stuff in there as you can see on the pictures below.




What am i doing wrong?

Available sitemaps
It seems like you have not defined any sitemaps yet. To build one, please check the documentation for guidance.

REbootet a thousand times.

My overall goal is to get shutterrollers to work.

I would like to have three buttons in HABpanel. One for UP one for STOP one for down. And when i one of those buttons i want openhab2 to send a command in console. for example

sudo /usr/share/openhab/configurations/scripts/FernotronSend 234234234283042834002834",5000

Not that easy for a beginner :frowning:

For BasicUI you need to create a sitemap, for file locations take a look here:

For HABPanel you don’t need any sitemaps, you need to configure HABPanel via

Thank you for the information but it did not help me :frowning:
I installed openhabian and still do not know where to put the item sitemap and things file.

I would like to use it because it is easier for me to understand. When i use habpanel i dont know how to connect it to a command.

Hi toto,

@sihui already gave you the correct hint:

There you can find the location for:
Site configuration => /etc/openhab2

You should see something like this:

And this is where your configuration files need to go.
Of course sorted in the correct folders. :slight_smile:

Hi @toto have a look here for an simple basicUI setup. I tried to explain everything in detail. Maybe it helps you getting into how OpenHAB works.

I installed OpenHAB with apt-get and I am not sure if the paths are the same. Please check that beforehand.

Thank you @Josar @sihui @Confectrician :slight_smile:

You guys are awesome. Thank you. I will read all you have sent me and try it :slight_smile:

Are you also Using The HABpanel?