BasicUI - inconsistency between webpage and Android app (display contacts)


I have displayed some contacts in my BasicUI. They seem to display fine in my Chrome browser (on Windows 10), but not in my Android app.

It is regarding the following items:

Contact KNX_ZO_TechnischeRuimte_Rookmelder_KNXAlarm_11_4_6				"Rookmelder Technische Ruimte KNXalarm"					<fire>					(gZO_TechnischeRuimte, gRookmelder) 	{ knx="11/4/6" }
Contact KNX_ZO_TechnischeRuimte_Rookmelder_StatusTestAlarm_11_4_8		"Rookmelder Technische Ruimte Status Test alarm"		<fire>					(gZO_TechnischeRuimte, gRookmelder) 	{ knx="11/4/8" }

My sitemap:

Text item=KNX_ZO_TechnischeRuimte_Rookmelder_KNXAlarm_11_4_6			label="KNXalarm"
Text item=KNX_ZO_TechnischeRuimte_Rookmelder_StatusTestAlarm_11_4_8		label="Status Test alarm"

How it shows in my Chrome browser:

How it shows on my Android app:

As you can see, the status information (OPEN, CLOSED) is not shown.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

This is what a contact looks like to me. It`s the MAX! Shutter Status. I should note that I use the Browser.

and the App shows this

Also when I use the browser on my Android, the status is not showing.

I use a snapshot of OpenHAB 2.1.

I also use openHAB 2.1

And if you clear your browser cache ?

Add the string marker [%s] to your label, either in your items file or in your sitemap label definition.

"Rookmelder Technische Ruimte KNXalarm [%s]"

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@sihui: thanks! That was indeed the solution.

I was (wrongly) assuming my item/sitemap definition was correct, since my Open/Closed information was displaying correctly in my Chrome browser. I guess not.


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