BasicUI/iOS subpage for a switch item

I am currently in the process of improving my OH setup (especially the UIs) and currently on the agenda is the thing that has annoyed me for a long time.

I have a few lights that support changing color temperature/brightness and I want to combine the three items into a switch that can also open another page where you can set the details. What I have for now is I have a switch item + two separate sliders (one for color temperature and one for brightness). I want to only have a single switch item that can turn on/off my lights and if I press next to the switch icon, to navigate me to a subpage with these settings.

I know that this isn’t possible by default. But is there a way to enable behavior like this?

Also maybe some random question… but what is the plan with basicUI/current mobile apps now that OH3 user interface has been out for a while? Is there a plan to keep it or eventually deprecate it?

This is not possible in sitemap based UIs. The Group or Text {} widgets needed to open a ‘subpage’ do not support any other actions.