BasicUI is not finding sitemaps

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I am suprised. I am running openHAB 2.4 on a windows machine. localhost finds the main page, paper-ui is accessbile, habpanel, too. If I want to call the basicui, I can access the intro, but there is a message, that there are no sitemaps available. In which folder do I need to look for - in runtime-conf-sitemaps there is a demo.sitemap file?

Thanks in advance for your hints.

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How about reading here about sitemaps and their location.
For the windows installation the conf folder can be found as described Here.

Thanks Jürgen,

as mentioned before I know where the files are (and I know some of the docs of course) - the basic ui is not finding the demo sitemap file. To verify my approach I created a new sitemap file, this file won’t be found by basic ui too.

Not sure on the demo sitemap (does this one show at all when on “normal” setup/ other then demo?), other sitemaps should be in the $OPENHAB_CONF/sitemaps folder.

On my Debian VM the demo sitemap is there, called demo.sitemap. :smiley:

Not realy clear what you mean by “find”. BasicUI displays the sitemap you tell it in the url you use, … “?sitemap=blah”.
If none given, there is a system setting (accessible via PaprUI) for the default of your choice. _default.sitemap by umm, default.

Try adding ?sitemap-demo

It is solved - I had an empty frame in the sitemap - beginner’s mistake, :slight_smile: !

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