BasicUI: No Auto refresh

Hallo everyone,

i installed the snapshot from saturday. Harmony, Hue and Sonos works. But when I change something with rules or i take the slider manuel from 0% to 40% (Hue) the Images and Text dont refresh. I Must reload the Site.

I use a Mac (Sierra) with Safari and Firefox (Last Versions) or an iPhone with the Last Version.

Is this a bug?

Thanks rapton

Actually it was a bug but should have been fixed with:

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Thanks, but where can I see in which release it is ok? I only see “merged”. Is the bugfixe open?

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I am new to OpenHAB and I have the same issue (Basic UI does not refresh) with the latest release. I have tried Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Using different setups, I have noticed when installing the “demo” configuration the auto refresh seems to work in BasicUI, when using the auto setup of items (simple mode linking) from paperUI then viewing in BasicUI seems to work (widgets refresh)… but making/ configuring your own items and sitemap does NOT seem to setup the auto refresh feature.

Those are my observations.

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Hello guys, I’m using the latest stable release of OpenHAB and I’m having the same issue with BasicUI. Is this a bug? I found that if I restart the application it behaves normally again.

I upgraded today from version 1 to 2.2 and my icons are also not updating.
Only tested the BasicUI for the moment.
All my logic is done with node-red
Messages in and out are via mqtt

This is the item i defined. It is supposed to blink. Works perfectly on version 1.
On version 2.2 i have to refresh to see changes.

This is in the .sitemaps file
Frame label="" {
Text item=NodeRedRunning icon=“light”

This is in the .items file
String NodeRedRunning “System Active” {mqtt="<[mqtt-broker:openhab/blinker:state:default]"}

Tested this in Chrome, IE11 and Edge.

Have read reports that this can occur when making config changes, and restarting the OH2 server may fix it.
Either way the issue appears quite common in OH2.

I think I am experiencing this issue as well.

Based on what I have read from github regarding this, the problem for developers is reproducing this issue, e.g. Using demo setup.

Can you provide steps to reproduce the bug consistently?

The best way to reproduce is to make a lot of config changes, without restarting the OH2. Just keep changing stuff until it happens.
For me I started from a fresh install, as I am new to OH2, installed bindings etc, created some items etc. Then the issue starting happening. A reboot of the OH2 (Openhabian on a RPI3) server fixed it for me.

If you have reliable way to reproduce this, I think it would be best to share this here

The maintainers are looking for simple setup (demo) and exact steps to reproduce it reliably.


Hi community I am very new to openHAB but a very experienced programmer. I have just installed the Latest openhabianpi release to a brand new PI3B+. I have simply followed the standard tutorial for first time users (in fact I have done this twice as I reloaded my device from scratch thinking I had done something wrong). So from basic install I have added Network binding - linked my phone using ping and setup Astro Sun bindings. I created a default.items as:
Switch Presence_Mobile_David “Davids Mobile” { channel=“network:pingdevice:192_168_100_70:online”, autoupdate=“true” }
DateTime Astro_Sun_Sunrise “Sunrise Time” { channel=“astro:sun:5ac7dfa1:rise#start”, autoupdate=“true” }
Number Astro_Sun_Elevation “Sun Elevation” { channel=“astro:sun:5ac7dfa1:position#elevation”, autoupdate=“true”}

and a default.sitemap as:
sitemap default label=“My first sitemap”
Default item=Astro_Sun_Sunrise label=“Sunrise Time”
Switch item=Presence_Mobile_David label=“David’s Mobile”
Text item=Astro_Sun_Elevation label=“Sun Elevation”

When I render this on Chrome or Firefox on Windows 10 their is no auto update it just seems to hang on http://openhabianpi:8080/rest/sitemaps/events/bf7f2e2b-ba2e-4ae9-a047-71bc7f6dd3ef?sitemap=default&pageid=default - it shows this request as never ending. I open this url in the browser and it just sits there forever.

If I open the basicui on Internet Explorer (same system) it seems to auto update as expected as the rest service returns the updated page content and continues to reload corectly.

@ssalonen should I reopen the GITHUB issue with this detail. It seems to be a bug to me.

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I have seen some intermittent issues with auto refresh also. i am still l not convinced all the kinks worked out.

Hi, I’m not a maintainer but that still sounds way too complicated. What would really help them, I think, is having simple setup, based on e.g. demo configuration and very limited set of bindings.


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