BasicUI not fully updating after event

I’m running OH2 on a RPi3 and I’ve noticed that when an event occurse (e.g. dimmable bulb is turned on), the sitemap does not completly update. The Switch control for the bulb moves to the “ON” position, but the brightness slider remains at the Zero position. Something similar happens for the lunar binding I use. The custom icon I use will update (e.g. from crescent moon to first quarter moon), but the description will not update and continues to read “waxing crescent”. If I refresh the browser but both items will display correctly. The slider is at 100% and the lunar item is now “First Quarter”. I seem to remember in the past, everything when the underlying item was updated. I have a rule that turns on the bulbs, when sends both a postUpdate(ON) to the switch and sendCommand(100) to the slider. There are no rules run when the lunar phase changes, but I use the “visibility” option in the sitemap to determine which custom icon to display. A js transform is applied to the description in the items file to properly display the phase description, e.g. WAXING_CRESCENT => Waxing Crescent. I also use HabPanel and that one fully updates as items update.

Anyone have any ideas why my sitemap is not fully updating?