BasicUI not responsive?

Hi all,

it seems that the basicui ist not responsive, meaning that updates on e.g. status, values, etc. are not updated? do you see the same thing?

An example:
When i change a value in basicui (e.g. a heating thermostat) the value is changed correctly at the hardware thermostat, but when i change the value directly at the thermostat, the value is not updated in the ui.

do you see the same thing?

Does it update when you force the browser to update? What browser do you use?

Did you restart openhab after changing any files cfg, items, rule, things?

thanks for the reply, and it was my mistake.

basicui is responsive for me, i did not wait long enough due to the max thermostats are quite slow to transmit the data to openhab, sometimes it takes up to 1 minute.