BasicUI not switching/updating chart

Hi, I have a chart on my sitemap which should display differnt time periods based on a switch selection.
This setup is running as planed on the ClassicUI, however in the BasicUI I have to manually force an refresh of the page to see the correct period. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Frame label="Preisverlauf Tankstelle 1" { Switch item=Sprit_Chart_Period label="Anzeigezeitraum" mappings=[0="Tag", 1="Woche", 2="Monat"] Chart item=E10_1 period=D refresh=1000 visibility=[Sprit_Chart_Period==0, Sprit_Chart_Period=="Uninitialized"] Chart item=E10_1 period=W refresh=1000 visibility=[Sprit_Chart_Period==1] Chart item=E10_1 period=M refresh=1000 visibility=[Sprit_Chart_Period==2] }

See here Something broke basicui

There have been quite a few reports. Trying to tie them together.


I know it’s been a long time, but I still cannot switch chart. Is this fixed already? I’m using similar setup:

Frame {
				Switch item=Ho_Weather_wu_Chart_Period label="Okres" icon="calendar" mappings=[0="Godzina", 1="Dzień", 2="Tydzień"]
				Chart item=Weather_Chart period=h refresh=600 visibility=[Ho_Weather_wu_Chart_Period==0, Ho_Weather_wu_Chart_Period=="NULL"] 
				Chart item=Weather_Chart period=D refresh=3600 visibility=[Ho_Weather_wu_Chart_Period==1]
				Chart item=Weather_Chart period=W refresh=3600 visibility=[Ho_Weather_wu_Chart_Period==2]

Since my update last week, yes. I’m on build #550.

this is my first post here, so maybe this is the wrong way, but during the migration of my - currently very small - openHAB project from 1.8.3 to 2.0.0.b5, I was facing the same problem and following change “fixed” the display of charts.

Frame {
        	Switch item=WeatherChartTemp mappings=[0=1h, 1=4h, 2=8h, 3=D, 4=W, 5=M]
        	Chart item=WeatherChartTemp period=1h visibility=[WeatherChartTemp==0, WeatherChartTemp=="Uninitialized"]

The buttons are working correctly now, in Classic- and BasicUIthe chart changes to the clicked period without a refresh of the page. However, the charts does not seem to auto-update every minute like set in the rrd4j.persist.

Hope that helps.

Best regards