BasicUI: Value of Number Item not shown till it is updated

Why Number items rendered as Text or Setpoint are not shown in BasicUI till the value is updated?

All the following items does not show a value until it is updated (either in the UI or via MQTT):
(Note: This happens every time you reload the page, not only the first page access)

Number ian_solltemp "Solltemperatur" (Ian)
Number kueche_temp 				"Temperatur (Küche)" (Kueche, temperatures, rrd_graph) {mqtt="<[local:homie/kueche/Sensor/degrees:state:default]"}
Number kueche_humidity			"Feuchtigkeit (Küche)" (Kueche, humidities, rrd_graph) {mqtt="<[local:homie/kueche/Sensor/rel%:state:default]"}

Excerpt of Sitemap:

  Text label="Ian" {
  	Switch item=heizung_5
	Text item=ZWave_Fire_Ian_Temperature {
		Chart item=ZWave_Fire_Ian_Temperature period=d refresh=300
	Switch item=ian_auto
	Setpoint item=ian_solltemp  step=0.25 minValue=15 maxValue=30

The MQTT items are shown, as soon as they are updated via MQTT (in my case every 30s).
The problem also occur if there is no Chart “behind” the Text item.

	Frame label="Temperatur" {
		Text item=kueche_temp {
			Chart item=kueche_temp period=d refresh=300
		Text item=kueche_humidity {
			Chart item=kueche_humidity period=d refresh=300

This sounds like a bug in BasicUI. There have been a lot of UI fixes since the last Beta. Are you running that or the Snapshot?