basicUI versus ClassicUI - how to arrange items in basicUI to be an the same place at every time

I see that in OH3 only BasicUI will be available.

Until now I use only classicUI. the big advantage is, that there is only one row and the item sequence is very clear and the position too.

By using BasicUI it can happen, that the place of a item switches from right to left or reverse.

This will cuase wrong actions on items because the remembered position is no longer valid. This will happen if I use visible to hide items. then my item position gets puzzeled.

Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Actually I think only a new UI will be available that is not yet integrated into OH3. Perhaps they left the Basic UI temporarily for testing.

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Correct, there is work ongoing for a complete new UI.

@HomeAutomation As I said in in your other thread, oh3 is not ready for testing right now, so don’t expect to see all new features right now.

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I still use ClassicUI, preferring the single column layout.

I think BasicUI can be hacked for single column, never tried it as I don’t need anything ClassicUI doesn’t do.