Bathroom audio

Today I’d like to share my solution of audio in bathroom. The story started two years ago, when the bathroom reconstruction was in place. My wife told me a wish if she could play music if she had a bath. I answered something like a “hold me a beer”. This kind of wishes are a challenges for openhabbing :smile:

Ok, so let’s think. What all need to be done?

  1. Music source

I already have home theater in living room, where is Onkyo AV preamp with Zone2 output. Lucky for me, that there exists perfectly working Onkyo binding that I already have in use. For my Zone2 I’m able to route any analog signal, not digital, because I have old Onkyo PR-SC886. But never mind, after some time I can see, that in 99,999% cases there is FM radio as a source and now it’s default source in a turn on rule if I forgot to switch it back.

  1. Signal wires, amplification, speaker wires, speakers

As is obvious from the previous paragraph, my Onkyo receiver don’t have any speaker output, it’s only AV preamp. I don’t want to talk about audio hardware too much, but you will see in few moments where I am going. There are some audio signal cables from preamp to a small technical room at first floor. There are few audio amplifiers and one of them is used for Zone2. From amplifier, there are speaker wiring to the speakers in bathroom ceiling. Speakers choice was very simple because one of my friend had unused car speakers in garage and they cost me only few beers in a pub :blush: Why I decide to use a car speakers? Because of humidity in bathroom. Car speakers are mostly designed to resist more in wet environment.

Yes, some of them are signal wires from Zone2 output to small technical room:

Amplifier in a small technical room.

Speakers in ceiling:

Speaker in detail, after more than two years in use, they are like a brand new.

  1. remoting Zone2 and amplifier by OpenHAB

Remoting is easy. As I wrote, I’m using Onkyo binding. As a amplifier I used Linn Knekt room amp. There is 2x25W to 4ohms output power and it’s more than needed in bathroom. I found out, when I turn off audio, there is snap sound from the speakers. It happened, when a relay in PLC turn off amplifier in the same time as Onkyo binding turn off Zone2 in AV preamp. I solve it in easy way. I designed a rule to turn off Onkyo first, wait then turn off amplifier. No snap here, hurray.

  1. remoting by hands in bathroom

What I designed? Yes, we are in 21st century, but there is no place for touch LCD displays in bathroom. Do not forget for situations when you have wet hands and also for us, who already have family with kids, there is no way to build something complicated, even if it looks cool. My solution was to use rotary encoder with ESP8266 and MQTT. Code is no rocket science, if anybody want it in future, I am happy to share it. But remember, I’m not programmer, I’m only “scripting guy”.

As seen from pictures, there is again my “favorite” blue glue from melting glue gun :blush: For an outside design I was forced to keep the same design as the outlet and others wall switches and outlets in my house. I was lucky, because there exists a cover for lights dimmer in my used design.

Design outside:

Design inside:

And video of course, it can tell you more than one thousand words:


hi, that looks exactly what I am looking for, can you provide the parts list (which rotary encoder are you using)?

Rotary encoder:
Arduino: Here

Thats all :slight_smile:

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thanks, I wonder why there is nobody selling these kind of devices :slight_smile: I have 6 zones in my house and would definitely enjoyed having them installed before renovation :smiley: