Battery backup for RPi4

I’m looking for battery backup or UPS for my Pi4. I currently have an APC lithium battery backup, but it does not output enough voltage, so I get “under voltage” warnings with it. I may just go with a traditional backup that allows for a graceful shutdown.
So what do others use as a backup?

I’m still with my Raspberry 3B and Optimal SBC Power Supply with Backup

Works like a charm. Powering down the house for photovoltaic installation was the greatest test up to now :sweat_smile:

Consider a larger UPS that can provide backup power to multiple devices.

  • Line Interactive
  • Pure sine wave output
  • Proper surge protection and line monitoring for faults

I have a similar model to the above and it has protected my setup when the voltage from the street went way above normal. Called up the power supplier and informed them the power was out of spec to my home. The UPS was not running off the battery but actively ‘fixing’ the incoming power in real time until they fixed the issue. The only reason I knew of the fault was the UPS set off an alarm and displayed the reason on the LCD screen.

Do you know of any 3A capable such device ? RPi4 needs (up to) 3A.

I went the other way. Got a PV with a 10kVAh battery and a hybrid PV inverter that is switching fast enough to provide UPS for my whole house. Ok, a little pricey for that purpose but it works great :wink:

Don’t know any 3A UPS :pensive:

Regarding your battery: is this system able to provide power when the grid is disconnected? That has been my main pain point for this solution. What’s the max power out of the battery? Very interesting :+1:

Yes of course. Battery does 5kW I think. If you’re interested, it’s a Sungrow SH10RT.

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