Battery icon when over 100%


the zwave stella-z thermostats can show battery level above 100% when fresh batteries are put in. like this:

But openhab now shows them as they were empty (guess like it would do with only 1%). The other icons work for the corresponding battery levels.
Can this be fixed or do i have to wait until the battery is at 100%? :slight_smile:

By definition, a percentage can only be from 0 to 100% in openHAB. Also in ZWave I’m quite surprised that it can show > 100% - I’ll need to re-read the spec, but I thought that it only allowed numbers 0-100%, with a special value of (from memory) 255 when the battery low flag was set which would make this non-compliant.

Anyway, we can look to add something to the OH2 binding to limit the value to 100% I guess.

Oh I forgot to say that’s with the zway-binding. Perhaps there has to be the limit then?

Yes - it will be the same issue - you can’t have a percentage greater than 100%.

have 2 options:

  1. to add icon “battery-101” “battery-102”
  2. to make rule:


Number battery .................
Number battery_xx


var Number battery_yy = battery.state as DecimalType
   postUpdate(battery_xx, 100)
   postUpdate(battery_xx, battery_yy)

and in the sitemap using battery_xx, this rule is not tested is only idea

Hi all,
I have a similar problem and i reuse this thread.
For my somfy devices, there is a special position on rollerShutter at 108%.
Is there a trick to force a rollerShutter for exemple that accept only “PERCENT TYPE” to a value over 100 ?
By definition, “percent” means effectivly a scale of mesurement between 0% and 100%, but there is a lot of contexts that need value over this initial scale range (ie : 108%, -35%, 300%, etc.)
Any tips/trick to use this anyway ?

This is true. But it has no meaning in connection with a physical device, you cannot set a real dimmer to 110%

If you want an arbitrary representation of a proportion, use a Number:Dimensionless type Item.

How much power does a battery at 101% have? Sounds like a very good battery :slight_smile:
You´re icon will show empty, as 101 is a value which is not part of the serie. Its threated like it´s offline.
I really wonder how it managed to get 101%. is it a numbered item?