Battery life of Fibaro door sensors rapidly draining

Hi all, really enjoying my OpenHab experience, slowly building up the system. Last week I integrated some Fibaro FGK-101 Door sensors, really easy to set up and create a rule.

One thing ive noticed is the battery is draining very quickly. They were full, but now already at 83% and 85%. Is there a way to maybe reduce the number of calls that the system makes to them? Or is this just normal? On average, i open the back door about 6 times a day, and the shed once a week. Both are draining at a similar rate.

Any pointers greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I have this device since one year and battery is now at 45%.
Wakeup time is set to 6 hours (21600 seconds).

I have mine set to 1 hour wakeup, and the battery lasted about 16 months last time. I’m not sure there’s a lot you can change, but definately make sure the wakeup period isn’t too much shorter than an hour.

Excellent Thank you Sihui and Chris! Mine was set to 4000 so this should solve my problems, now set to 21600 thanks again :slight_smile:

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Habe is solved?
How long is it halt now?

You need to set a not to short wakup via PaperUI or HABmin in the Device configuration. The base unit is seconds