Beacon Bluetooth Rules Presence


one week I try to configure my Bluetooth Nut presence.
But only one bacon is Online.

Somebody can help me please ?

Bridge bluetooth:bluez:hci0 [ address=“B8:27:EB:2E:71:A8”, discovery=true ]
bluetooth:beacon:hci0:b1 “NutVA” (bluetooth:bluez:hci0:b1) [ address=“E5:BD:18:09:4F:C1” ]
bluetooth:beacon:hci0:b2 “NutDS” (bluetooth:bluez:hci0:b2) [ address=“C5:39:CE:7B:5F:7D” ]

But how to know when we are not at home ?
I think the value is 0 when no detection but no he keep the last value :frowning:

You need to add channels to your things

Ok but how I can add channels ?

Did you read the binding docs?

I read


But just rssi and battery channel