Beep if openhab loses network connectivity

Hi, I’m having issues with an unreliable powerline adapter which my openhab setup (Asus EEEPC) is running on, resulting in loss of connectivity to the rest of the network and internet at random intervals. Ignoring the powerline plug itself, is there any built in binding or action (e.g. exec/ping) which I can use to beep the built in speaker? I can hack something together in Python but I’m interested if anyone else has had/has solved a similar problem?

on a related note, is there any way of informing IFTTT if myopenhab hasn’t been updated/is offline for x minutes/days etc?

See the Audio Actions which you can call from a rule. You can use the Network Health binding to ping something on your network and when it falls offline use the say or playSound action.

However, I don’t know if this will work with the internal speaker or the sound card. You will have to try it and see.

Not that I’m aware of.