Before upgrade from openhab 2.5.10 to openhab 3 on raspberry pi 3 / wheezy

I’m running openHAB 2.5.10 on a raspberry pi 3 with wheezy. I read how to upgrade to openHAB 3 already and understood that I have to install Java 11 and of course new openHAB 3 sources downloaded with repo and apt.
Before I start upgrade I need a more general information : do I have to write new rules, script, items, things etc. or will everything work like before with 2.5. What about addional used imports in rules like org.eclipse.smarthome.model.script.ScriptServiceUtil ?

Given that wheezy has not even had security updates since 2018, I’d recommend doing a full upgrade.

Get a new SD card and flash it with the latest openHABian. Configure openHABian to install OH 2.5 and restore a backup of your configs.

Then do an in place upgrade form OH 2.5 to OH 3.1. That will handle much of what needs to change in the configs. But you will have to update your rules.

  • Joda DateTime is replaced by java.time.ZonedDateTime
  • There are no more references to org.eclipse.smarthome anywhere in OH. They have all moved to org.openhab.
  • executeCommandLine’s arguments have changed.

I’m sure there are other breaking changes I’m not thinking of. Also review the announcements because individual bindings also have breaking changes from time to time.

Thanks for the answer, I know upgrading raspian would be reasonable, but is no option for me. I have a lot of not openhab related servers, selfwritten software in python, c, perl, json, html pages and other stuff running on wheezy. Once I tried upgrade, but a lot did not work anymore. And since migration to openhab 3 also seems to need a lot of changes, I will do it only, if absolutely nessecary. And right now, LastVoiceCommand of Amazon Echo Binding in 2.5.12 is working again.

Obviously you need to do what you need to do. But be aware, it’s only going to get more difficult the longer you wait. At some point something will change, something will break, or some disaster will happen outside of your control and at that point you’ll have no choice. But then you won’t have a working system to help you figure out how to transition or to continue running while you gradually migrate to the new OS.

Many of us have been in this situation personally and/or professionally (e.g. a business that runs their entire business off of an old x386 running Windows 3.1). It never ends well.

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I would recommend getting yourself an RPi4 to do the upgrade as Rich suggests. This enables you to keep your old system running with Wheezy and then take your time moving/updating software. Or just run OH on the RPi4 and leave everything else on your RPi3.

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I’m afraid, you are right :frowning: