Begin: Connector Strip / Radiator Thermostat

iam totally new at home automation.
At start i would like to control radiator thermostats and a few power sockets.
Further i’ve seen that my AV-Receiver, TV and Plex-Server is also supported and i would like to control led stripes but thats another thing.
I’ve installt the last Snapshot @Ubuntu16.04, and created groups form rooms and a sitemap.
I have tryed to lern as much as possible from old posts but its not very clear at all.

Since I have to buy everything new I am bound to nothing old stuff.
I live in Germany.
Which hardware or bundles do you recommend me? The market is so big. I would like item that has good support @openhab.
I actually need 4 radiator thermostats and 3 connector strips.

Many Thanks for Help!

Nobody any product recommendations or link to read? :confused: