Beginner do not get openHAB2 demo working

Hi everyone,

Well, I’m new with openHAB so I began by trying to get working the 1.7.1 version with the demo setup and it worked perfectly.

Now I’m trying to do same but with openHAB2 and I am not able to access http://localhost:8080/ with my browser.

I started by unzip in C:\desktop\openHAB2
then I unziped in the same folder

Do someone have one idea to fix this issue? I’m on it from some days and feel a little frustrated :frowning:

thanks a lot!

I downloaded the zip folders from here:

Hi Joel,

have you tried to just point to: http://localhost:8080/ ?

It should work out of the box that way.

Good luck.

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I did but I still get the same issue.

Moreover, I tried to do the installation in two different PCs and I get the same issue.

Maybe a dumb question…but

Did you actually launch the ‘start.bat’ script and is java installed on the machine?

What is the error message your seeing?


Yes I launched correctly the start.bat and Java is correctly installed.

I get the error “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED” from chrome.

The weird point is that opneHAB 1.7.1 run very well on my PC. But concerning openHAB2 I am not able to get it working on my PC nor on my professional PC.

So it make think about a problem concerning the zip I downloaded…

Can someone give me another link to download openHAB2 ?

Check the console for any errors on startup. Post the log file if possible.

As I’m a newbie, I don’t know where is the log file.

I launched start_debug.bat but I do not found “openhab.log”.

Maybe I’m doing it wrong :persevere:

I downloaded this OH2 version from

It works out of the box.