BEGINNER Guide to iPhone Presence?

Nice @Maurits28!
Now nothing is stopping you to just copy&paste the tutorial to an article at - That would be amazing :wink:

Be sure to check out the About Tutorials & Examples article.

I just made a tutorial here: Iphone presence.

Some things occurred which I could not explain, maybe you can explain to me:

  1. I inserted a hyperlink, first one works, second one only shows the text.
  2. I inserted link to another forum user, first one works, second one only shows the text
  3. I could not give ‘hard enters / line breaks’ at some point in the post, which makes it more difficult to read (e.g. step 3)

Thank you for the suggestion, I added it to the tutorial, and changed it in the post above.

Amazing. Okay it seems the original question was answered and the step-by-step tutorial is now available:

With that I will go ahead and close this thread. If there’s a reason against that, please do not hesitate to write me a personal message! :wink: