Beginner: Integrate GitHub branch to running OH configuration

Hi guys,

I have currently installed OH2.0.0 stable on my Windows 10 laptop running as a server.
KNX, HomeKit and ArtNet DMX bindings are configured and running almost properly.

I follow the development threads here and on Github, especially the HomeKit enhancements.
I want to integrate this branch
in my existing OH runtime. This should solve a small problem I have with my color items
and it would integrate some other enhancements made since release.

Yes this is kind of a noob question, but I am completely new to Java Development.

Thanks, martin

The typical approach is if you want to use stuff from the latest builds you install from the SNAPSHOT release.

The addons and core of OH move together in lock step so it is best to use the same version of everything.

It should be a simple matter of downloading the snapshot and upzip it over your current install. Obviously back up your conf and userdata folders first but this shouldn’t impact anything and upgrade your install to the latest.

I tried this one, surprisingly this time it does not throw up thousands of errors…
So this is the same error I get on the stable, but it should be fixed on the snapshot…