Beginner question - Openhab2 and text files

I have read many articles and forums here, but still i couldn’t decide whether i should use text file configuration or paper ui-habmin for openhab2. I tried both and at last i decided to use config files, because after creating things and items and they exceed some certain number, it seems non-manageable to do it under Paper UI. Paper UI currently has still some missing parts which i try to fill in the gap with text file configuration. On the other hand, openhab2 with textual files also have some missing parts. Like i cannot bind a channel to a rollershutter with the “invert_percent” parameter. How do we do it in openhab2 and item file? I use
{ channel = “zwave:device:adc2122e:node3:blinds_control” }
but i cannot add invert_percent=true parameter anywhere except for paper ui interface. Btw i am using Qubino ZMNHCD1 shutter module.
A second question is, using openhab2 do i have to add bindings in services/addons.cfg file or directly put the jar file to openhab2/addons folder?


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You are not alone with this thought. I mix PaperUI with textual Config files.
Everything possible to manage via PaperUI I try to do with PaperUI.
But I also use the Groups created with PaperUI in my Textual BasicUI Sitemap and Items.

Here are the locations and manual installing addons.
I downloaded the .kar files from Cloudbees and threw the .kar files into openhab/addons/ which worked fine.

You can mix both, pay attention to the matrix over at

The way to go depends on the add-on and your preferences. Instead of thinking of missing functionality in openHAB, think of it more as in multiple possible ways with different strengths.

No. You should install bindings via PaperUI. Putting jars in the addons folder is only needed for snapshot or development bindings not yet part of the distribution (experimental).