Beginner question - show dimmer percent in sitemap?

Really basic question, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

I have a dimmer switch (insteonPLM binding) that is in my items file like this:

Dimmer KitchenUCWest "Under Counter West" <light> (kitchen) [ "Lighting" ] {insteonplm="14.9B.E6:F00.00.01#dimmer"}

and my sitemap file looks like this:

sitemap default label="Main" {
    Frame label="Kitchen" {
        Slider item=KitchenUCWest label="Counter (west)"

How can I get the brightness percentage to show up in the sitemap label?

Hello John

You have to edit your item Label:

> Dimmer KitchenUCWest "Under Counter West [%d]" <light> (kitchen) [ "Lighting" ] {insteonplm="14.9B.E6:F00.00.01#dimmer"}


I tried that, but it doesn’t work.

Dimmer KitchenUCWest "Under Counter West [%d]" <light> (kitchen) [ "Lighting" ] {insteonplm="14.9B.E6:F00.00.01#dimmer"}

and sitemap

sitemap default label="Main" {
    Frame label="Kitchen" {
        Slider item=KitchenUCWest

And here’s what it looks like:

Have you tried [%d %%]? You can try this either in the item label definition or in the sitemap label definition.


Yes, that does not work either. Could it be an issue with insteonPLM ?

No, this is strictly a BasicUI/sitemap issue. The slider is showing the Item has a state.

But just to verify you can put the Item on your sitemap as a Text Item . That should show the Dimmer value as a number as everything is defined above. If it works as a Text Item but not the slider that means there might be something wrong with the Slider control element.

OK, so it does not seem to be getting put into the label

here’s my updated sitemap (with just ‘text’)

        Text item=KitchenUCWest
        Text item=KitchenUCWest label="KUCW [%d %%]"

And here’s what it looks like:

Actually it is. That is where that 43% on the right is coming from.

Ah, so it’s a problem with the slider? It sure would be nice to have a slider that showed the percent!

I’ve not used sliders. I don’t know if this is a big or working as designed. You can try a setpoint.

I had exactly the same problem.

My sitemap:

Text item=KNX_GV_Living_Screen_9_1_0
Slider item=KNX_GV_Living_Screen_9_1_0 label="Screen living [%d %%]"

The text item shows the percentage correctly. The slider-item does not. I would like to avoid having 2 items for showing and changing the percentage.

The solution I’ve found (thanks to LarsK) was to use the switch functionality in the sitemap.

THere probably still isn’t a way to get the percentage value shown next to a slider? Just using a different control isn’t really a solution from my point of view. I want to control my roller shutters with a slider to set them to the preferred percentage value, and not just have three buttons. For me, the slider is much more convinient than a setpoint.

Also, it would be great if the percentage value was updated/shown while sliding the slider, but I guess that’s not going to happen? :slight_smile:

EDIT: In the browser I can actually see the percentage, once it’s set. Not in the Android app though.