Beginner: Unable to access/create/modify configuration files for Alexa Integration

To whom it may concern:

I am trying to set up my home automation in Windows 10 platform. However, I have been unsuccessful finalizing my setup. Up until this point, I was able to have my Aeotec Z-Stick sync and talking to my Leviton DZ6HD and am able to control the dimmer from the control section on the Paper UI, am even able to control it from my phone using the openhab’s app. I am trying to integrate Alexa and I’m stuck. I’ve read documentation, followed tutorials…you name it. Well, I have been working on this for over 2 weeks starting the 3rd week now.

When I log in to Putty and SSH into openhab server, after reading and following documentation instructions and tutorials I try the following commands:

cd /etc/openhab2 and I get cd: no such file or directory: /etc/openhab2

I am not able to go any further with this build. I have been working on the IT field for many years and sometimes what seems to be easy becomes a project. Still I know patience and persistence is key, but three weeks is little to much.

Can anyone please share some knowledge?

Thank you in advance,

Sorry, I am a little confused. Is OH running on Windows 10 or on a Linux device (like Raspberry Pi)?
If the latter, the directory is not /etc/openhab2 but C:\openHAB2\conf as described here for Linux and here for Windows

Before diving into further details, please let us know your setup.

Thank you for the quick response. It’s a Windows 10 machine.

OK. No need to use PuTTY then. On your Windows 10 system just go to the directory C:\openHAB2\conf and you should find the configuration file right there.

Fantastic, thank you.

Pardon the ignorance. Now that I have my config files… I should be able to create/modify my “things” conf files, then save changes close and that’s it?

It’s another thing to install and learn, but the Visal Studio Code VSC editor will make life easier, there is an openHAB extension for it.

Wow. I do have a lot to learn. Thank you both, I just installed Visual Studio Code and was able to reach my conf files. Let me monkey around with this for a little bit and will come to let you know the outcome. Let me see what I can do in a few hours :slight_smile: