Beginner - using a new binding in Eclipse

Hello everyone-
I’m pretty new to OpenHab, and definitely new to developing for Openhab. I’m struggling a bit with getting the build environment setup, and I’m hoping someone can help me. I followed Kai’s video, using the installer to bring in both the openhab2-addons, as well as openhab-development repositories into my workspace.

I’ve had no troubles getting everything to compile, but for the life of me i cannot get the “test instance” launched from Eclipse to actually load any of the openhab.* bindings- only the 3 or 4 eclipse ones. I’ve added to the demo.things/items/sitemaps files. I realize at this point that paperUI will not necessarily discover anything for me, but I can’t even get the existing bindings in openhab2-addons to be used when doing everything in the text files.

I bet there’s something small I’m missing…