Beginners new install 1.8 or 2.0

Hey Bob,
the time is right to hop on to openHAB2. The core seems to be stable and development on bindings you might like or want has moved on to the OH2 ecosystem.

You should definitely start by reading though the documentation. openHAB is a complex system which could be confusing in the beginning. You will find the most important things in the documentation and additional possibly outdated info in the openHAB 1.8 Wiki. The community here is filled with good questions and answers. If you have a problem, the search function might already know it :wink:

You may also like to read up on another answer I wrote recently.

As for your approach, I would recommend to start with an easy setup and a few hardware components. You can install openHAB on most plattforms, if you have, a Raspberry Pi is the perfect place for it :wink: I have no experience with insteon modules but i think they are perfect for your start. After you got comfortable with openHAB, things, items and rules you can add more and more components (arduino and such).

Good luck!