Beginner's question: how to discover additional devices?

Good morning,

I am just starting out setting up the Alexa integration. Initially, I added the Alexa metadata to one light, then setup the openHAB skill in Alexa and that one light was discovered and can now be controlled from Alexa.

Then I added the Alexa metadata to additional lights in the same manner, went into the Alexa app on my iPhone and there to Devices, All Devices and dragged down the screen to scan for new devices, but none are shown. Is this the correct way to do a discovery? I could not find another way.

Here is the first light, which I now have in Alexa:

And here the second, which I fail to discover. It looks exactly the same.

Thanks for your help!

OK, found a way already, but it is hidden very deeply in the menus. In the iOS app I went to Devices, Add Device, Light, then chose Other as brand then “Device doesn’t have a matching logo?”, then “Device requires set up in a device maker app” and there is a “Discover Devices” button which found my new devices.

Is there an easier way to get to that discovery? :slight_smile:

I always ask Alexa to discover new devices after adding some. This works excellent.


Thanks, I will give this a try!