Behaviour of device if Wrong device id in xml

@chris ,

i know this not big issue but,
i want to know behavior of device if device id in xml is given wrong.


Please can you describe what you mean? What XML has the wrong ID? The XML files that the binding generates can’t have the wrong ID since it is read from the device.

i mean to say if i changed it manually…

In OH1, it would likely change the database reference, so the device would look in HABmin as though it was a different device.

For OH2, it’s more complex since the information used within the system is stored elsewhere (in the OH2 ‘thing’ database). So, if you change it in OH2, I’m not 100% sure - I think it’s likely that everything will resync with what’s in the XML, but it might not happen immediately. In OH2, if it does update the database references, then all the channels will also change.

Really, I would avoid doing this as it might also change back if the references are retrieved from the device again, so this state couldn’t be considered fixed and your system might get messed up.

ok chris…thanks