Belkin Wemo 2.4 - no dimmer while doc said there is

Hello, I’ve been using the 0.9 snapshot of the wemo binding. I decided to update to openhab 2.4 and saw wemo 2.4 bindings. when looking at, it says it support dimmer. Great, I uninstall my snapshot from addons folder, delete cache, start server, install wemo 2.4 bindings. Everything work, except dimmer. it says uninitialized. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you

Can you show me the logs?

The Binding just supports the Dimmer Item for the LED Bulbs, not the Dimmer-Switch.
Nothing else mentioned in the docs.
You can find a test version of the binding witch experimental Dimmer-Switch support here

Ah, OK, so I must kept using the 0.9 snapshot I currently have in my add-ons folder. I see the snapshot date from Jan 2017, will it be released on openhab add-ons ui?