BeNext Dimmer: still blinking!

Hello guys,
sorry to bother you, but I had the bad idea to buy these dimmers ( ).
If i use with incandescent light all works correctly.
If i use led dimmable light, all goes bad.
For examle:
in my kitchen i use this led bulb:
and this led switch: Triac Dimmable 12v Led switch (1a);
but when i turn off led, they start blinking.
There is a solution to fix it?
Thanks in advance!

This isn’t going to be an openHAB problem but there is an off chance someone might be able to help. A more generic Home Automation or electrical/lighting forum might provide better answers though.

All I personally have to offer is that LEDs are notoriously finicky with dimmers. The only solution will be to replace the bulb or the dimmer I’m afraid.

The problem with the leds blinking, is because of the switching power supply inside.

A triac does not completely turn off, like a switch or relay would do, so they can still charge up slowly. So when it got the voltage build up, it opens up for the leds to be turned on, they turn on, voltage drops, and the cycle starts over and over…

It works with the incandescent light, because it does not allow enough to pass through, for them to react to it.

2-Wire (no neutral) Z-Wave dimmers typically run a small current via the bulb in order to keep the Z-Wave radio alive (to sustain the communication mesh)

With incandescent bulbs, this isn’t noticeable, but with LED bulbs it very much is (for the reasons cited above) and will vary greatly upon the type (and number) of bulbs on the circuit.

If you’re interested in some background reading, this was an interesting discussion from a few yrs back:

Thanks to all for the answer;
in the end i can say this:
In the kitchen i try this:

  1. benext dimmer: try changing phase and neutral; same issue
  2. fibaro dimmer v1: same blinking problem
  3. fibaro dimmero v1: change philips bulb with lexman led dimmable bulb (same wattage) and no blinking!

Then in my badroom i try
4) benext dimmer with 2 philips bulb (e27, 6w x 2 = 12w led) and no blinking.
So i really make difficult to understand this various behavior!
anyway thanks 4 help!