BeNext ZWave thermostat not in device database

Still a beginner, so hoping i am sharing the correct info. I have a Thermostat from BeNext that is not listed in the device database. It is listed as unknown device and i guess that is also the reason for not being able to use it. Attached the corresponding xml file. Is this enough to get it included in the database or do you need additional info?


adding attachment led to an internal server error response. I will try to post it in a follow-up

The xml file

node_2.xml (8.0 KB)

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Yes, we need additional info, I created the bare database entry, please provide the missing information:

Please change the name, fill the config parameters, association groups and provide a product image and a manual.

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Wow, that was quick. I will probably need some help with some of that info, but i will start with what i know and see how far i get.

Apparently i need edit rights to do that. Can you help me with that?

Nope, you need to write an email to the maintainer:

OK, thanks, i sent him a message!