Best Air Conditioner for Openhab in 2020

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Ive browsed through the forums and was trying to find the most complete binding for air conditioner on the forum. From what I read it seems that most people control AC through a 3rd party platform such as MQTT or IFTTT. I found Daikin binding which seems quite up-to-date and complete. I also learnt to stay away from Samsung ACs as they closed their APIs.

So, based on your experience, what is the best AC brand for a new home set-up for this and coming years?

Thanks for sharing!

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In my understanding MQTT is a local protocol for different smart systems to communicate with each other. I personally have never been able to get IFTTT automatically working without significant delay.

I would go for devices using Intensis WiFi adapters, which can be controlled locally. Therefore I ordered a Mitsubishi Heavy Duty Multi Split system, containing 3 indoor devices.
There is also a Gee AC binding under development, just look for the according thread.

You can also use any with an IR remote, buy an inexpensive IR esp8266 bridge, flash with Tasmota.

Some resources:

Possible IR Bridge devices (see IR Bridge section)

A Logitech Harmony Hub or Broadlink RM Mini will also do the trick. I’m controlling a Rowenta fan with an IR remote with a Harmony Hub.

My main issue with IR is that you can’t touch the manual controls, or else things will go out of sync.

That is definitely true for the cheaper versions. Some IR protocols however have a “respond” channel, usually those where the remotes have displays.

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I have a Daikin system. We have a single, 9kw outdoor unit driving 2 indoor units. Works really well with Openhab.

My only complaint with my system is that both indoor units have to be in the same mode to operate at the same time. Generally this isn’t an issue - really only when I want to dehumify one room and heat/cool another.

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I have a Mitsubishi Kaiteki (controlled over a Adafruit Huzza esp8266 board) I am very happy with. Not a single glitch so far (10 months).

You get bidirectional control over MQTT and can use whatever external room temperature sensor you have on openhab.
The huzza has a onboard 5 to 3.3 volt regulator, so no extra components needed.

I have both the Gree (portable AC) and a Mitsubishi with Mini D1 (ESP8266) over MQTT. The Mitsu has been running for 2-3 years without any issues at all. Both works fine, but Gree needs to phone home, which I don’t like (and its app for setting up is horrible).
Also the Mini D1 has built in regulator, so only a cable needed.

Before, I used a Z-Wave IR adapter to control, but that is not at all in the same league. Nothing that I’d consider today.

Thanks for all the replies. I am not looking for an IR controlled solution, I would very much prefer an AC controllable over API (and no cloud! just LAN API).

I am thinking about Daikin, seems to have all Im looking for.

michnovka, where are you located? Are you looking for a ducted / central ac, or a split type ac? If central ducted with zones, make sure you can get the Daikin airbase controller, because that’s needed to control individual zones.

I am in Czechia, but I can get any EU model. The problem is I have split 5 units Sinclair at the moment and I will need to most likely replace all of them. Lately I am exploring IR option too, given the costs, but its just so 1980s…

This thread is some years old. Are there in meantime any new advices for how to choose a most openhab compatible air conditioner? I see bindings from Daikin, Mistubishi Electric, Gree? … and some artifacts for LG. But not clear if they are still developed and compatible with recent models?!

Please check this newer topic :

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