Best Binding for attaching sensors to OpenHAB

We currently have following sensors running in our board where we planned to implement OpenHAB.

  • LPS2SHBTR (Barometer/Altimeter)
  • HTS221TR (Humidity/Temperature)
  • BH1750FV (Ambient Light Sensor)
  • LSM6DSMTR (Motion Detector)

Currently they were interfaced with I2C module. But, we were planning to interface them with different module which can be available in OpenHAB.

Hue Binding interested me, but can anyone tells how sensors are binded through Hue binding? Is it through Zigbee? If it is through Zigbee, if we make each sensors as Zigbee device, then is it possible to bind the sensors through Hue binding?

Syed Ahmed M

I would prefer a MQTT interface.

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Narrow it down a bit. What sort of technologies are suitable for your use? Wired, wireless? Are there power consumption considerations? Distance to cover? What resources are likely to already be available at the other end? Regional variations to account for (as can happen with wireless tech)?

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I know Z-Wave is designed to work well with battery devices but you have the overhead of the radio & protocol stack.

How does OpenHAB MQTT binding works with Google Cloud? We are thinking of using MQTT interface via Google Cloud.

MQTT is usually used locally. OpenHAB has many users who prefer local control rather than the security and stability issues with cloud solutions.

If somebody decides to change the API or discontinue the cloud portion. they have your data & you have a nonfunctional device.

OpenHAB connects to any MQTT brokers, they can be remote if you like.