Best/Easiest way to get notified on mobile phone

Hi Team

Which way is the best and easiest to get send notifications from Openhab to a phone (android) ?

My quest have showen: SMS/text, email, NotifyMyAndroid… which other solutions are you using ?

Looks the services are US based, and the servers I see for Europe has a cost for each sms.

Could be a solution…

Looks fine, and I have been playing with this. But it looks like a platform that is not being developed. Any experience with this ?



Could use a service like

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I second that. Works like a charme …

or boxcar. Pretty easy to script access to their API

Try the Telegram app and action!

I use 2 options::

Works great!
Push Notifications
openHAB for Android


Good to see people are recommending the Telegram app and action. I have been playing with it a little recently (after a somewhat limiting research on options) and ended trying Telegram. Rather easy to setup, free, and works well. As it is free, there probably is a catch somewhere, but I did not find it.

My use at the moment is very limited though, I use it only in a single rule. It sends a message when I am at work, it is afternoon, and the travel home is expected to take more than 15 minutes longer than usual. Did not happen yet :), but in testing it worked very well.

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Similar setup here, openHAB sends me a telegram about the washing machine finishing and doorbell ringing.

I did build a system to detect trafic delays but did not yet think of sending messages then :thumbsup:

Telegram is supported by Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov.[11] Its client-side code is open-source software, whereas its server-side code is closed-source and proprietary.

The security of Telegram has faced notable scrutiny; critics have argued that Telegram’s security model is undermined by its use of a custom-designed encryption protocol that has not been proven reliable and secure, and by not enabling secure conversations by default.

Not to play the tin-foil-hat card but that doesn’t sit well with me. It’s not bad per se, just assume that everything you post is being analyzed and stored. If you’re okay with that, Telegram is a great free solution.

Thanks for the explanation. To be honest, I always try to keep in mind that whatever I do online is not private. Then I try for each specific case to determine if I mind. But these are generally difficult decisions.

In this specific case for me the message is limited to “It is busy on the way home, expect xx minutes delay”, not too revealing in itself. However, any sniffer can deduct from this message that at that moment I am probably not at home. By sniffing other sources, the same sniffer could have found out where my house lives (Google seems to know). I consider the probability of somebody connecting these pieces of information and acting on it by breaking into my house low enough not to be bothered by it. But, in this connected era, this might be naive, time will tell …

And off-topic, but I have similar thoughts for example about Nest stuff, in the end I decided to go with them for smoke detectors, mainly because the WAF is very high (at least in my case). They look nice, and they work very well, we had a minor kitchen-smoke issue yesterday evening, and we really liked the way the Nest’s handled this, but is it privacy-safe??

I use pushbullet via script.

Pushbullet with mqttwarn me works very well.

In the US all the major carriers have an email to SMS gateway. I connect OpenHAB to a Gmail account that sends an email to the gateway that gets to my phone as a text message. As long as you don’t pay for receiving text messages it is 100% free.

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Hi all,
I would also like to get push notifications on my android, does any have some sample rule they use with or telegram? As far as I understand can only send emails, correct?

I use telegram with sendTelegram() in my rules. Quite easy to setup and flawlessly running

XMPP (running in Docker, be careful with the version if ejabberd) and the client app called Conversations.