Best Milight RGBW bulb and controller to get for OH1?

Hey all,

I want to get a bulb kit and dump the zwave RGBW bulbs so as mentioned, whats recommended and supported? I see a lot of Milight…


I would not recomment MiLight, cause it’s just one way comunication, so if you want to keep using the remote control, openHAB will not be informed about state changes.


I probably would never use the remote but I do fancy the two way comms. Thanks for the input! The search continues :wink:

Recommend any other RGBW devices other than zwave?

I also look for rgb-controls. I want to control a rgbw-led-stripe.

I already use some milight rgbw-bulbs but controlling with openhab webinterface is not as smooth as it should be. If i change the color sometimes it is working and sometimes not. Lightbulb is directly near the controller/wlan-bridge. If i use the milight-app from android playstore, it is working like a charme. So the connection is not the problem. Problem must be somewhere inside openhab.

I’ve been using MiLight bulbs, and to be honest, they’re more trouble than they’re worth.

I’ve put up a blog post on it at

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