Best openHAB version to go with if using Modbus binding

I am planning on using the Modbus binding with new openHAB installation on Windows 10 Pro.

I was wondering if there is a particular version of openHAB I should go with (or stay away from) in order to have the best experience with the binding. I am asking this because I have noticed some posts that mention issues with openHAB version 2.5.7 for example.

At this point I can go with whatever version of openHAB that would seem to make the most sense (2.5.6, 2.5.7, or a 2.5.8 snapshot ?) and with the binding itself if there are options there I should consider.

My current plan is to read discrete inputs and outputs using the binding via ModbusTCP talking to a Turck BL-20 Non-Programmable Gateway, basically dumb I/O.


Is there a solid (cast in stone) reason why you’re opting for a Windows 10 machine to run openHAB2 on?

If you run into issues with ModBus directly within openHAB2, you could always use the Node-RED Modbus nodes.

Not other than the fact that I built a pretty decent Windows 10 machine intended to run my home automation. At the present time my security camera stuff is all that is on it. I have a nice size wall mounted touchscreen in our living area connected to it and the machine has been solid so far. I would consider later on moving openHAB to something else if that made sense but that would likely be after considerable testing. I guess maybe openHAB could run on something else and I could use my new machine and touchscreen to access the system. For now am trying to test on my Microsoft Surface Pro but have not yet been successful getting the Jython, library stuff, and related updates successfully installed. I want to start off using the NGRE and the Jython/Python for rules. Guess this has got off topic. Thanks for your input.

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Sharing an existing Windows host is fine. Modbus binding 2.5.7 as you have found has a bug, use either earlier or 2.5.8 when released, been fixed but I am not sure if the fix is in the snapshots yet.
Play away :smiley:

Modbus Binding v2.5.5 and v2.5.6 work good (TCP and RTU).

Thanks to all for the info. :grinning:

Going with version 2.5.6 for now.

Hope to began testing the Modbus binding today.

My inputs and outputs are individual bits packed 16 per 16-bit holding register. Will have to deal with that but it looks like the binding already has access to the individual bits in a register so that should be a good start.

Writing to individual bits in a register is awkward, because of way Modbus is.
One technique to overcome this limitation of the protocol is shown here -