Best place to put tmp-files/images?

I’d like to save some temp-files for further usage somewhere on the Pi running openHABian-OH3, so I wonder, what would be the best place to put them?

my use case is some webcam pics, that I save and send via email with OH3 item states. Right now I use /home/openhabian/tmp, but figured, that there’s perhaps a place within OH3-directory structure, so that they’ll be backupped and restored via built-in openHABian functionaity?

If they really are temp files, they should not be backed up in the first place. That’s kind of the definition of a temp file, something you only need for a bit and then you want to delete it.

On Linux systems, /tmp is often the place to put such files. On many systems this folder will be cleared out on a reboot.

If you do want to keep these files around and make sure they are backed up, then you need to put them into a proper folder. I think all the folders in /etc/openhab get backed up by openhab-cli. If you are using openHABian’s SD card mirroring or Amanda features, it doesn’t matter where you put it, it’ll be backed up.

thing is, I kinda need a folder structure, which went away with some Debian Upgrade, or got other rights.
so I figured, perhaps do it within OH…

I’ll try /etc/openhab/tmp for tests, if it does backup, that’s great.