Best power extension lead/strip integration

I do plan do buy raspberry pi 3 and install openHABian on it as a start.
The next thing is to carefully select what kind of smart devices to buy - as far as I understand, it is all about the bindings…
So can you please recommend which smart power extension lead (strip) brands and models are working (good) with openHAB?

Also, as a next step I will look for smart bulbs and smart locks to add. If you also have some recommendations here (other than philips hue), it would be great.

Thank you!

What you need to decide upon first is what technology you want to work with. Then look for a binding. For example, there are almost 1000 devices supported by Zwave and new ones are added every day. That’s just one binding. OH has over 300 bindings.

It is all but impossible to suggest specific makes and models for you. However, if you say “I’m considering buying Make Foo Model Bar device” then maybe we can answer.

As a general rule, if it is Zwave it will work. If it is KNX it will work. If it is Wifi, it will work if there is a binding written to interface with that brand of device. If it is Bluetooth you might be able to make it work but there isn’t a lot of experience here on the forum with those devices. Zigbee should support most zigbee devices though not all. Sonoff devices are very well supported, but you have to flash a different firmware on the device.

So I recommend look for a device that is in the price range you are OK paying, figure out what technology it uses to communicate, then look for whether there is a binding for that technology. If there is, read the doc for that technology to see if there are any warnings about devices that don’t work or a list of devices known to work.